Crusaders of Mary Immaculate

Rocco is also part of Crusaders of Mary Immaculate (COMI). It’s an apostolate made up of college-age, young-adult, & some not-so-young-adult faithful Catholics who share the same spirituality as Spread the Blaze: 100% Eucharistic, Marian, & loyal to the Holy Father. They work w/ middle-school youth, high-school youth, college-age youth, & young adults.

Crusaders of Mary Immaculate also work in conjunction w/ Spread the Blaze apostolate by striving to provide ordered (as opposed to disordered) praise & worship music outside of Holy Mass; they provide traditional sacred music for Holy Mass. COMI strives to use the guidelines set down by Fr. Basil Nortz, ORC in his excellent CD-set entitled ‘Music and Morality’ & also those set down by Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted in his excellent written series entitled ‘Singing the Mass’. All members of Crusaders of Mary Immaculate are VIRTUS® certified.

Mission Statement

To zealously promote the joyful conversion & sanctification of our
Apostolate Members, Families, Friends, Marriages,
Parents, Parishes, Priests, Surrounding Communities, & Youth,
in order to produce holy vocations in all states of life (priestly, religious, married, & chaste single w/ a Third Order spirituality),
via the radical proclamation & living of the fullness of truth found in the Catholic Faith, with special emphasis on the following:
(esp. Holy Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, Sacred Scripture, & the Holy Rosary)
The Sacraments
(esp. The Most Holy Eucharist & Confession)
Marian Devotion
(esp. True Devotion & Total Consecration)
Filial obedience to the Holy Father & the Magisterium of the Church
Defending Holy Mother Church’s teachings on Life & Marriage
Holy Recreation

Ave Maria!!!

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Ongoing Activities